About Us

The Quran is the ultimate gift to mankind and a complete guide to life. Study and knowledge of the Quran is important for each and every Muslim. We all recite the Quran, offer our Salah, recite Surahs and make duas on a daily basis – but how many of us truly know and reflect upon the meaning of each and every word, in order to build a better connection with Allah Subhanawu’ta’alla?


Quranic Quizzes was inspired within a small classroom by a passionate teacher of Quranic Arabic who found technology to be a useful tool in engaging his young and determined students. Through this medium, they have found a way to successfully excel in learning and understanding the basic vocabulary of the Quran, meaning of Salah and general knowledge of Islam in an engaging manner.

At Quranic Quizzes, our mission is to provide an interactive e-learning platform to help bridge the gap between reading and understanding the Quran, along with other important aspects of Islam, in a fun and interactive way. Our easy-to-use online learning platform caters well to parents and academic institutions alike.

E-Learning Platform

At an educational and curricular level, our vision is to share the benefit achieved by young students in our smaller classroom on a larger scale. Hence, through this learning platform, children in homes, schools and mosques both nationally and globally can connect with the Quran in a more modern and appealing manner.

At a more general level, Quranic quizzes aspires to provide productivity in an era of internet and social media, so that as Muslims and therefore by default, as students of Islam, we are able to build a connection to the Quran as the guidance and blessing of this beautiful religion so that we can better ourselves both in this life and insha’Allah the Afterlife.

For more info, write to us at info@quranicquizzes.com or check us out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram