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At Quranic Quizzes, our mission is to provide an interactive e-learning platform to help bridge the gap between reading and understanding the Quran, along with other important aspects of Islam, in a fun and interactive way. Our easy-to-use online learning platform caters well to parents and academic institutions alike.

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Amazing Features for Parents and Teachers


1. Al-Quran

Understand Word by Word Meanings

2. As-Salah

Make your Salah Meaningful

3. Duas & Adkaar

Learn 100s of Authentic Duas & Adkaar

4. Most Common Words in the Quran

Learn 85% of the Most Common Words

5. Names Of Allah (Al-Asma al-Husna)

Learn the Meanings of 99 Names of Allah

6. Seerah of the Prophetﷺ

Quizzes about life of the Prophetﷺ

7. Quranic Arabic (Dream Course)

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8. Arabic Numbers

Learn Arabic Numbers 1-100

9. Hajj and Umrah

Quizzes about Hajj and Umrah

Stories of the Prophets

Amazing stories now live!

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Basic Salah - Make your Salah Meaningful

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Seerah of the Prophetﷺ

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