Now that we have completed our study of the 4 properties of an اسم, we can look at the remaining fragments. Recall that we already covered three of the five fragments under “status in action”. The remaining two fragments will require us to use our knowledge of all 4 properties of an اسم.

Recall that the five fragments are:

اسم + حرف fragments

1)     الجارُ والمَجْرُوْرُ

2)     حَرْفُ النَّصْبِ واسْمُها

اسم + اسم  fragments

3)     الإضافَةُ

4)     المَوْصُوْفُ والصِّفَةُ

5)     اِسْمُ الإِشَارةِ والمُشارُ إِلَيْهَ