The Successor of Adam (as)   

As Adam (as) grew old, he saw his offspring spread all over the world in their thousands. He taught them all to worship Allah alone and stay away from doing bad things. His children continued passing on the message of their father to future generations. From his children, Adam (as) appointed Sheeth (as) to be his replacement as a messenger of Allah on earth. Sheeth (as) was also given guidance from Allah to pass on to the people. 

When the time came for Adam (as) to leave this world and return to Allah, he told his children that he desires to eat certain fruits that he had in Paradise. So, his children went looking for this fruit and met some Angels on the way. Angels asked O Children of Adam, where are you going, what are you searching for?” They responded "Our father is sick and has an appetite for the fruits of Paradise." The angels said to them, "Go back, for your father is going to meet his end soon."  

The Angels then took the soul of Adam (as). They washed and covered his body before praying and burying it in the grave. The Angels then said to everyone present - "O Children of Adam, this is your tradition at the time of death." 


Just like Adam (as), we all will return to Allah with all our deeds. We must obey all the commands of Allah and stay away from all things that are prohibited. This is why Allah has sent us the Quran -it is the most powerful guidance. If we follow the Quran then we will never go astray. 

Allah said in Quran (Surah Taha, 20:124) whoever turns away from my reminders will have a miserable life, full of difficulty. We will raise him up blind on the day of judgement. He will ask, O my Lord, why have you raised me up blind when I had sight(before).” Allah will say This is how it is: You ignored Our Signs / revelations when they came to you, so today you will be ignored.’ 

Fact: Friday is the day Adam (as) was created, admitted to paradise and sent to earth.