Hud’s (AS) Preaching



Hud (AS) was the prophet of the people of ‘Aad.


He was the great, great grandson of Nuh (AS).


Allah sends a prophet to every nation, and to the people of ‘Aad he sent Hud (AS). Hud (AS) was a man from among them, but he was very noble and righteous. He was the great, great, grandson of Nuh (AS) (four generations away).

Hud (AS) told his people that they should not be worshipping these idols alongside Allah, as Allah was the only one worthy of being worshipped. He told them that Allah was their creator, and He was the one who had given them their wealth, power and physical strength. He advised them to ask Allah for forgiveness for worshipping these fake gods, and to turn back to His path. Hud (AS) promised that Allah would send down much rain and make them even stronger if they did this.

However they opposed his message. They did not want to believe in what he was saying, because the tyrannical leaders did not want to give up their indulgent and luxurious lifestyles. They began to accuse Hud (AS) of many things.

They accused him of wanting to become their leader by way of this message. Hud (AS) responded that the only reward he wanted was from Allah, and nothing from them.

They claimed that it was strange Allah had chosen a human like them to deliver this message. Hud (AS) replied that there was nothing strange about it, and that he had been sent to guide them to the right way of life.

Hud (AS) reminded them that the story of Nuh (AS) and the flood was not long ago, when all the disbelievers were destroyed. The leaders of ‘Aad boasted, ‘Who is going to destroy us?’

Hud (AS) replied, ‘Allah.’

‘We will be saved by our gods.’ responded the disbelievers. Hud (AS) explained that the gods would be the very cause of their destruction, and that it is only Allah who saves people.

Hud (AS) tried to teach them about the Day of Judgement, when everyone who had died would be resurrected and asked about what they had done in their lives. But the disbelievers just laughed, and began to mock these claims. The chief of the people of ‘Aad declared, ‘Far, very far is what you have promised. There is nothing but the life of this world! We live and we die! We will not be resurrected! He is only a man who has invented a lie against Allah, but we will not believe in him.’


The Day of Judgement is important because justice is not always carried out in this life. Sometimes evil can win in this world. However, Allah is the most just and so no injustice will go unpunished. All deeds, good and bad, will be gathered on the Day of Judgement, and all wrongs will be righted.