Hud’s (AS) Challenge

Finally, the people of ‘Aad began to accuse Hud (AS) of being crazy. They told him that because he had insulted their gods, they had turned him insane. So Hud (AS) stood up and made a challenge, ‘I call Allah to bear witness, and I call you to bear witness that I do not worship your idols alongside Allah. So plot against me, all of you. I put my trust in Allah, my Lord and yours!’

Hud (AS) realised that the people of ‘Aad would be punished for their disbelief and arrogance. Very soon, the skies stopped giving out their rain and the sun dried up the land. A drought had spread throughout the land. The people of ‘Aad came to Hud (AS) and asked him what was happening. Hud (AS) replied that this was the punishment of Allah, and warned them one last time that they should repent and turn to Him. But the disbelievers just began to mock him even more, and turned further away from the truth. They believed that no one was stronger than them, and that they could not be destroyed.

The drought got worse. One day, a large cloud appeared in the sky. The people of ‘Aad were happy as they thought that rain was finally going to come and the drought would be over. But actually this was just another punishment. Very quickly the weather went from very hot and dry to extremely cold and windy. Allah sent down a powerful wind which began to destroy all of the people and the houses that they had built. It lasted for 8 days, and when it had finished there was no trace left of the people of ‘Aad. Only Hud (AS) and his followers survived.


The people of ‘Aad were huge and strong, like no one else had been before them. Because of this, they thought that they could not be destroyed, and so they became arrogant. As punishment, Allah wiped them completely off the face of the Earth, such that to this day we still don’t know exactly where Iram is. We should remember that no matter how strong or powerful we become, there is always one who has power over us: Allah.