The Fire

Ibrahim (AS) was prophet who Allah famously saved from the fire.



He was the uncle of Lut (AS).

For days everyone in the community gathered wood for the fire that was meant to burn Ibrahim (AS), until it became a huge bonfire, the likes of which they had never seen before. The heat from the fire was so great that they had to bring a catapult to throw Ibrahim (AS) into it, as they could not get anywhere near close enough to throw him in themselves.



But Ibrahim’s (AS) faith remained strong. Before he was thrown into the flames, he declared, ‘Allah is enough for me, and He is the One who best deals with the matters.’

And so Allah made it so that when Ibrahim (AS) was launched from the catapult, it was like he was calmly walking down stairs. And Allah ordered the fire, ‘O fire, be coolness and peace for Ibrahim.’ So Ibrahim (AS) did not burn, but instead only the ropes which had tied him up burnt and fell off. And instead of being in pain, he was completely relaxed and at ease, so much so that he would later say that the best time he had ever had in his life was in that fire.

When the fire had burnt out, Ibrahim (AS) calmly walked out from it to the shock of all those who were watching. Those who had wanted him to suffer were humiliated, and they realised that something was going on here beyond their power. They still hated him and would not follow him, except for two people. The nephew of Ibrahim (AS), Lut (AS), who would also become a messenger of Allah, decided that he wanted to follow him. As well as him, a woman named Sarah also believed in him, and she in fact became his wife.


Ibrahim (AS) had entire trust in Allah. He knew that his Creator would take care of him and do what was best. So instead of burning in the fire as the disbelievers wanted, Allah made it so he actually enjoyed his time in the fire. As long as you worship Allah and submit to him, trust that He will do what is best for you, even if it seems like nothing good is happening at all.