News about the Birth of Ishaaq (AS)

Ibrahim (AS) was the father of Ismael (AS).

He was also the father of Ishaaq (AS).

He was the grandfather of Yaqub (AS).

He was the great grandfather of Yusuf (AS).

Christianity, Judaism and Islam all originate from Ibrahim (AS).

Many years after the birth of his first son, Ismael (AS), three angels in human form came to Ibrahim (AS) and gave him salaam. Ibrahim (AS) did not know anything about them and thought that they were just strange travellers, and so he took them in as guests. Then he went to Sarah and told her that they had three guests. He then asked, ‘What food do we have?’

Sarah replied, ‘Half a sheep.’ But Ibrahim (AS) rejected this, and told Sarah to slaughter a calf for their guests.

When the food was prepared, he brought it in front of the three angels and invited them to eat. However they did not even touch the food. When Ibrahim (AS) saw this, he got worried and so he began to eat to try to encourage the guests to eat. Still they did not eat. So Ibrahim (AS) asked, ‘Are you not going to eat?’ But once again they did not eat.

Now Ibrahim (AS) began to get a little scared. He realised that something was wrong. The angels sensed his fear, and told him, ‘Do not fear. We have been sent against the people of Lut (AS).’

Sarah heard this and began laughing in happiness. The angels then turned to her and gave her the good news that was going to have a child, Ishaaq (AS), and that later he would also have a son Yaqub (AS).

Now Sarah was very old at this point, and so this news was very surprising to her. So she exclaimed, ‘Shall I have child when I am an old woman and my husband is an old man? This is very strange indeed!’

So the angels asked, ‘Do you wonder about what Allah has declared? May the mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you, O family of Ibrahim.’ After this, the angels left to carry out the punishment on the people of Lut (AS).