The Chief Minister’s Wife Throws a Dinner

Knife, Sharp, Blade, Equipment, Kitchen, CuttingRumour soon began to spread throughout the women of Egypt that the chief minister’s wife had fallen in love with her slave boy and tried to seduce him. When the wife heard about this gossip, she invited the women to a dinner to try to prove that it was impossible to resist the beauty of Yusuf (AS). She gave each woman a knife to cut the fruit and then called out for Yusuf (AS). When he appeared in front of them, they were so stunned by his beauty that they could not look away, and began to cut their hands. They could not believe that he was a human, and exclaimed that he must be an angel instead.

When this happened, the wife of the chief minister declared, ‘This is the one who you criticized me for! I did try to seduce him, but he firmly refused. And if he does not do what I order him to, he will be imprisoned and disgraced!’

 What could Yusuf (AS) do, other than turn to Allah? And so he prayed, ‘My Lord! I would rather be in jail than do what they want me to do. If you do not save me from their plan, I might fall to them and become one of the ignorant.’

Jail, Jail Bar, PrisonAllah responded to Yusuf’s (AS) call for help, and He prevented his faithful servant from falling into sin. So the wife of the chief minister began to pressure her husband to imprison Yusuf (AS), and even though the chief minister knew that Yusuf (AS) was innocent, he gave in to the pressure of his wife and agreed to send Yusuf (AS) to jail.