Yusuf (AS) in Jail

Yusuf (AS) was the prophet who falsely went to prison. 


Bread, Bakery, Bun, Loaf, Baguette, BreakfastIn jail, Yusuf (AS) gained a reputation for being a man of wisdom. One day in the jail, two young men came to Yusuf (AS) to ask him a question. Both of them had had strange dreams the night before, and they wanted to ask Yusuf (AS) about their meanings. One of them had dreamt that he was pressing grapes into wine, while the other had dreamt that he was carrying bread on his head, from which birds were eating.

Yusuf (AS) told them, ‘I can tell you what will happen to you before it happens. I only know this because my Lord has taught me. Indeed, I have left the religion of the people who disbelieve in Allah and deny the hereafter. I follow the religion of my fore-fathers: Ibrahim (AS), Ishaaq (AS) and Yaqub (AS). It is not right for us to worship anything other than Allah. This is part of Allah’s favour to mankind, but most people are not grateful. O my fellow prisoners! Which is better: many different lords, or Allah – the One, the Supreme? Whichever idols you worship other than Allah are just made up by your fore-fathers. Allah has never allowed us to do this, and it is only Allah who decides. He has commanded that you worship none other than Him. That is the correct religion, but most people do not know.’ Even now Yusuf (AS) was using the opportunity to preach the religion of Allah.

He then gave the meanings of the dreams: ‘O my fellow prisoners! For the one who dreamt that he was pressing grapes into wine, you will be freed and will go on to serve wine to the king of Egypt. As the other, you will be crucified and the birds will eat from your head. This has been decided.’

Just as Yusuf (AS) had said, the man who had dreamt of the bread and the birds was soon executed while the other man was set free. As the freed man was about to leave the prison, Yusuf (AS) asked him to mention his case to the king. However Shaitaan made the man forget to do this, and so Yusuf (AS) remained in the prison for some years.