Ayoub’s (AS) Personality

Ayoub (AS) was the prophet who had all his wealth, children and even his health all taken away from him as a test.


Money Pot VectorAyoub (AS) was a prophet of Allah who was descended from Ibrahim (AS). He was a very good and righteous man, who always worshipped Allah sincerely and was always thankful and patient. He was so patient, in fact, that Allah praises him in the Quran saying: ‘Definitely we found him patient. How excellent a slave he was! Indeed, he was always turning to Us to ask for forgiveness!’

Allah also blessed Ayoub (AS) with a lot of wealth and many sons. He had a long life and was well respected in his community.

One day the angels were discussing him and how noble he was. They said that he was the best person on Earth for his time. Shaitaan overheard this and became angry. He wanted to turn Ayoub (AS) away from the worship of Allah and so he went to him and began whispering evil thoughts to him. But Ayoub’s (AS) faith was too strong, and he did not let these thoughts tempt him. So Shaitaan came up with another plan.

Shaitaan went to Allah and declared that Ayoub (AS) only worshipped Allah because he had all the wealth that Allah had given him, and if it was all taken away he would stop worshipping. This was not true and Allah knew it, but Allah tests his most sincere slaves the most in order to raise their level.


Allah tests those he loves the most. This is because he wants to raise the status and increase the reward of those who are the most sincere to him. He gives more opportunities to do good for those who are more righteous so that they can get more reward. It makes sense because a person who has gone through more difficulty and still remained faithful has a greater status than someone who has lived a comfortable life and remained faithful.