Allah Tests Ayoub (AS)

Allah took away all of Ayoub’s (AS) wealth, all his animals, property and money, until he was penniless. Still Ayoub (AS) remained faithful to Allah, and continued to praise him every day.

So Shaitaan went back to Allah and complained that the only reason Ayoub (AS) continued to worship Him was because he had a large family and many sons. He claimed that if Allah took them away Ayoub (AS) would no longer be happy and so stop worshipping.

Allah decided to test Ayoub (AS) once again with another massive test, by taking away all of his children. All of them, every single one, perished, and Ayoub was only left with his wife. Still he continued to praise Allah and remain patient, and he did not turn away from his worship once.

Seeing this, Shaitaan became even more frustrated. He went back to Allah and said that Ayoub (AS) would stop his worship if He took away his health. Once again Allah decided to lay another heavy test down upon his servant.

Ayoub (AS) became very diseased, both inside his body and outside of it. His organs all failed until only his heart, mind and tongue were working. His skin began to rot until all the people turned away from him in disgust. He became nothing but skin and bone. He was left all alone except for his faithful and loyal wife, who took care of him during his many years of suffering.

Still he continued to praise Allah and worship him with all that he had left: his tongue and his heart. And he remained like this for a number of years with only his wife as his companion, both of them suffering and struggling, until one day Shaitaan came to his wife and reminded her about the past when things were good. So she became sad and went to Ayoub (AS) to tell him to ask Allah to remove this suffering from them.

When Ayoub (AS) heard this from his wife he became upset. He reminded his wife that they had had 80 years of good health and being wealthy, while their suffering had only been a few years. Because of this, he felt ashamed of asking Allah to ease their suffering, and he was so angry with his wife that he declared that if he ever got better he would beat her with 100 lashes.

colored water springHis wife became extremely upset, and went away in tears. Seeing this, in his helpless state Ayoub (AS) turned to Allah and begged: ‘Indeed, I am in pain, and You are the Most Merciful of those who show mercy.’

Immediately, Allah answered his call. He instructed Ayoub (AS) to strike the ground with his foot, after which a spring of water gushed out. When Ayoub (AS) drank from the water his organs healed, and when he washed in it his skin became healthy again, until he was completely recovered and a new man. When his wife later returned she was completely amazed, and cried out thanks to Allah. But Ayoub (AS) became worried because he had promised to punish her, and he did not want to actually hit her because he loved her so much. So Allah inspired him, and told him to take a handful of grass and use that to lightly strike his wife. It would not hurt, but it would mean he wouldn’t break his promise.

LocustAllah then brought back Ayoub’s (AS) wealth. Once when he was taking a bath, Allah sent down a rain of solid gold grasshoppers. He praised Allah, and began collecting them. Allah asked him, ‘Have I not already provided enough for you?’

Ayoub (AS) responded, ‘Yes but I want to make the most of Your blessings.’

Finally, Allah gave Ayoub (AS) family again, to the point that he ended up with more children than he had before. This was all a reward for his faithfulness to Allah and his patience.