Musa (AS) Escapes Egypt


Musa (AS) was the prophet who murdered a man with a punch

Musa (AS) grew into a strong young man in Firown’s palace. It is reported that he was of dark colour and very tall and strong. When he was a man, Allah blessed him with wisdom and the true religious understanding of Allah, despite the fact that he had grown up in a palace where everyone was worshipping Firown.

One day, Musa (AS) went out from the palace to visit the main city centre. Because he was essentially royalty as the adopted son of the Pharaoh, it would be strange for him to go out into the city alone as he would have been recognised, so Musa (AS) went at midday when everyone would have been asleep as the sun would have been too hot then.

When he was there, he saw two men fighting. One of them was a slave from the Banu Israel, and the other an Egyptian. When the man from the Banu Israel saw him, he asked Musa (AS) for help. So Musa (AS) became involved in the fight and to stop the Egyptian from killing the other man, he punched him. Musa (AS) was so strong that this single blow was enough to kill the Egyptian on the spot. Musa (AS) had not intended to kill him, simply to put an end to the fight, but now he had committed a crime and, even worse in the eyes of Firown, helped a slave over an Egyptian.

Musa (AS) begged Allah for forgiveness for the murder, to which Allah forgave him. Musa (AS) then returned back to the palace and kept the incident a secret. That was, until the next day when he went to the city centre again. Once again, he saw two men fighting. When he came closer, he realised that one of the men was the same man from the Banu Israel he had helped the day before, while the other was another Egyptian.

When the man from the Banu Israel saw him, he recognised Musa (AS) and called out for his help again. But Musa (AS) became angry with him for getting into another fight, and so he shouted, ‘You are definitely someone who misleads!’

When Musa (AS) then tried to grab the man from the Banu Israel, he cried out, ‘Are you going to kill me like you killed that man yesterday? You will only become a tyrant in the land. You do not want to cause any peace!’

The news that Musa (AS) had committed the murder of the Egyptian the day before soon reached the ruling class. They came together and decided that Musa (AS) needed to be killed for his crime. A believer who knew about this came running to Musa (AS) when he was in the city and warned him that he needed to escape Egypt. So Musa (AS), without even going home or getting ready for anything, simply walked out Egypt with no idea of where he was going and turned only to Allah for help.