CHAPTER 2 – الإعراب


The first of the three types of words that we will study is the إِسْم. Every إِسْم has four properties. Their four properties are status (الإعراب), gender (الجنس), number (العدد), and type ( القسم ).

Remember not to lose sight of where we are in our studies:

  • Language is made up of Sentences,
  • Sentences are made up of Fragments,
  • Fragments are made up of Words.
    • There are 3 types of words in Arabic
      1.      إِسْم - Has 4 properties

1.      Status إِعْرَابٌ - this tell us what role the ism is playing in a sentence

2.      Gender جِنْسٌ - this tell us if the ism is feminine or masculine

3.      Number عَدَدٌ - this tells us if the ism is singular, dual or plural

4.      Type قِسْمٌ - this tells us if the ism is proper or common

2.      فِعْل

3.      حَرْف

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