3. Duas & Adkaar

Learn 100s of Authentic Duas & Adkaar

Asking To Become Grateful To Allah SWT, Righteous Child And Approved Deeds

Surah Al-Ahqaf 46:15

Dua From Surah Al-Mumtahana

Surah Al-Mumtahana 60:04

Forgiveness Of Sins And Protection From Enemies

Surah Al-Mumtahana 60:05

Dua From Surah At-Tahreem - 66:8

Surah At-Tahreem 66:8

Dua From Surah At-Tahreem

Surah At-Tahreem 66:11

Dua From Surah Nooh

Surah Nooh 71:26

Asking For Forgiveness For Yourself, Parents And Believers

Surah Nooh 71:28

Dua For When Entering Your Home

Dua For When Leaving Your Home - 1

Dua For When Leaving Your Home- 2

Dua Before Sleeping

Dua For When Waking Up #1

Dua Before Entering The Toilet

Dua Before Leaving The Toilet

Dua For Difficult Tasks

Dua For Beneficial Knowledge, Sustenance And Good Deeds

Dua To Get Rid Of Pain In Your Body

When Visiting the Sick

Dua For Opening The Fast -1

Dua For Opening The Fast- 2